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HARTFORD - VMC-1600SP - 2005 (Viewed: 10183x)

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Manufacturer: HARTFORD
Type: VMC-1600SP
Year of manufacturing: 2005
Parameters: X/Y/Z=1600/800/820 mm

HARTFORD - VMC-1600SP - 2005
- system FANUC
- taper BT50
- spindle 10000 RPM
- spindle trhrough cooling 20 bar
- table 1700x750 mm
- X/Y/Z=1600/800/820 mm
- distance between spindle nose and table is 140-960 mm
- ATC 20
- high speed cutting
- CE
- chip conveyor
- some toolholders too
- books
- under power only 25000 hours
- spindle hours only 9200 hours
- works in a mould repair workshop



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